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In the 1950’s, the golden period of Italian design production began due to the merging of the designers’ work and the research the Italian industry was carrying on. Designers also took tips from names in contemporary art and architecture considering that most of the Italian designers were architects and engineers.
During the same time there were other famous European design schools, especially from Germany and Scandinavia, but they were bound stylistically to the German functionalism of the Bauhaus movement.

While the best Italian design is deceptively simple in its mastery, there is much more to its success than it seems. The reason for the Italian predominance of design is due to its advanced teaching institutions, design schools and universities.
These institutions create a dynamic workforce of various skills, with factories recruiting many young talents every year.


Total 39.000 mc


An attention for sustainability

Living door

The future must be for us sustainable and built with everyone’s contribution.

CARB 2 – FSC® – EI

Always attentive to eco-sustainability, it uses materials and manufacturing processes that are compatible with the environment, with respect for nature and people.

Request our FSC® certified products

Living door

Why choose our products?

  • Easy to install reversible doors
  • High quality and Italian design
  • Mass production
  • Attention to detail
  • Convenience
  • Great customization

Durable products
and guaranteed over time


Many collections of doors to choose from

Living Door

Discover all our available finishes in a wide range of colours


Design custom-made

Our products are designed and manufactured according to specific customer requirements.
Finishes, dimensions and accessories are customized to meet any space and style


One production Specialised

Living door

Valuable partnerships


We are partners of the most important international players in the DIY sector thanks to our consolidated know-how and our specialised and organised production.

Living door

Scheduled deliveries worldwide

Possibility of planned deliveries at every point of sale.

The totally internal management allows
Living Door to carry out dedicated express orders.